Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lobby Day Success (In the Senate)

Midterms are upon me! I told myself I wasn't going to post this week...well unless I had a really good reason. Lo and behold, in my procrastination web-surfing, I found a video by the team members at One Colorado. The video, hosted by by Brad Clark and Jessica Cook Woodrum, is chock full of great news. A few posts back, I blogged about LGBT Lobby Day. I expressed my anxiety in approaching my Colorado Representatives and asking them to vote yes on the Civil Unions Bill. I was not alone in my venture, I estimate at least a hundred comrades marching on the capitol that day in order to have our voices heard.

As you will see in the video, all of our hard lobbying paid off! The Civil Unions Bill passed in the Senate! Not only that, the bill had the support of a republican, making it a bipartisan vote. Congratulations to the LGBT community and a huge thank you to everyone who helped this pass in the Senate. I am talking not only to those of us who lobbied in person, but also those who wrote to their representatives or called them up. Each of you helped sway the vote. Let's celebrate!

Recap video

The fight is not over, however. The bill still needs to go through the House. Let's see what happens!

What's in the works now? As the video talks about, an anti-bullying bill in schools is next in line for the vote. Bullying in our country is not a new issue. However last fall we saw a huge number of LGBT youth suicides in the news. As a reaction to this devastating trend, Dan Savage (my personal hero,) launched the It Gets Better Project. Additionally, the Auraria Campus responded by hosting an event that combined the ideas of It Gets Better Project and other campaigns to end anti-gay bullying by creating a day called "It Gets Better Because I Give a Damn!". The event, held on campus, brought swarms of students, faculty, and community members together clad in purple. I remember the energy that day and thinking back on it now, I am reminded of the power that lies in our community.

I say our community as a blanket term referring to not only LGBT individuals, but also straight allies like myself. As I reflect again on the personal stories, and strong words each of the speakers brought forward I smile to myself. I love seeing the acceptance of that day. I love feeling it as a tangible weight that filled our hearts and brought tears to our eyes. I remember an overwhelming sense of a "we can do it!" mentality.

Hearing the news about the passing of the Civil Unions Bill has brought that feeling back to me. For the first time in my life, I feel a part of the difference being made. I am honored to be among such wonderful individuals as who share this experience with me.

I'm gushing, it's true. I may even be ranting. However I am immensely proud of my community for its hard work. It is amazing to see our efforts paying off. I know that I have much to learn from my friends and I cannot wait to see the progress we make together in the future.

If you have not already seen It Gets Better Project you better check out the link I'm providing you with!

It Gets Better Project

Keep your eyes peeled for the results of the bullying bill in the near future!

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  1. Keep in mind that today,(Thursday, March 31, 2011) the Civil Unions Bill is going round two at the capitol! Let's hope for a positive vote!