Friday, January 13, 2012

A Body Positive Sort of Day

I'm at work in the GLBT Student Services office at my college. Since it is break, I am spending my lax day intermittently working on an event I'm working to plan and browsing the internet. I have found myself in a low body image rut over the past few weeks. It seems that years of being bashed for my body have all welled up and combined into a spewing froth that I can't damn up lately. Part of me thinks it is healthy to get rid of so much negativity. I've started talking about my internal battle with self-image more openly with people I trust. Today is not like the past several though. Today is a body positive sort of day. The kind of "nothing can get me down,sunshine despite the snow" sort of day. I got a haircut- short like I like it, partly in defiance of anyone who has ever told me that short hair would accentuate my round face in all the wrong ways. Honestly, I've never felt better than with short hair, which is why I keep it short, despite what people may think. To sum up and elaborate on things in a way which I neither have the time, nor the articulation for, I wanted to leave you with some boy positive articles, photos and more in the hope that you have the same sort of body positive day that I am.

Margaret Cho talks about growing up bullied and what that means for her now

Plus size model magazine on the state of the modeling industry

Photographic height/weight chart

Please share the positivity. I am always interested to see what others find interesting in this subject. Comments are my favorite part of blogging. I'd much rather hear what others have to say than listen to myself talk. :D

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